Liquid Light Lab
Gear in the Field, Orient Point
Liquid Light Lab offers our unique artwork and projections to musicians, promoters, and production companies. We work at music festivals, event spaces, galleries, lounges, clubs, and bars. See Videos

Our in-house equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1x) 5600 Lumen LCD Projector
(2x) 3200 Lumen LCD Projectors
(1x) 2500 Lumen LCD Projector
(12x) Par Can 64 LED Stage Lights
(1x) 20'x13' Projection Screen
(2x) 10'x7' Projection Screens
(2x) 12'x10' Truss Frame Assemblies
(2x) Analog Visual Presenters
(1x) V-4 Video Mixer
(1x) 7500 Lumen Overhead Projector
(2x) 4100 Lumen Overhead Projectors

For booking or to discuss a project, please email:
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